Distractions  - 2012

Incorporate a background singer or two, maybe add a melodica and xylophone, and Distractions is the result. On our way to college, this album transitioned us musically from high school kids to college know-it-alls. Recorded in two different studios, we had a lot of fun and it keeps us excited for future endeavors.

Looking From The Inside Out  - 2009

It's been five years since the release of our first demo. We recorded it live in a living room and just tried to have fun. Back then we were still Window View and Alex had not yet joined the band, but this is what three high school kids in eight  hours with a microphone came up with.

Pine Island - 2011

After growing as musicians Pine Island got us more attention from friends, the music scene, and people other than our moms. With some solid time spent in the studio, this album embraces more of a beach/reggae/chill sound than our earlier stuff. We even released a few videos, check them out!